Hi hi hi people.

ETA April 4, 2017: So LJ has changed their TOS again. I'm done. I am deleting every post on this journal and replacing it with a note that says "I'm kisahawklin everywhere, look me up somewhere else if you want to keep in touch." May I recommend Dreamwidth as a very LJ-like alternative place to gather? It works like LJ but the people who run it are good people. I know them personally and will vouch for them to the ends of the Earth. I'm [personal profile] kate on Dreamwidth, look me up over there. For my fic, I'm [archiveofourown.org profile] kisahawklin, I'm also on twitter and tumblr: [twitter.com profile] kisahawklin and [tumblr.com profile] kisahawklin

So, I'm deleting my LJ (kisa_hawklin, not kisahawklin).

This has NOTHING to do with the DDOS attacks or anything. I just realized, as I checked my flist for the first time in about a month, that a) most of the posts on it are cut twitter posts by people I was never that close to in the first place and b) most of my flist is gone from LJ. And no - not to DW. Twitter and FB, mostly, and I will never be on either of those platforms.

So anyway. I decided to friend the people I'm interested in keeping up on over here, on my fic journal. I'll still not probably post a lot, so this is more for me to keep up on whatever things you post, whether it's a post every six months or every day. If you want to follow what I'm actually posting (and I hope you do, but hey, no pressure), then it's best, probably, to subscribe to my feed: kate_dw. It's only the public posts, but that's everything but my whining about work, so don't feel like you're missing anything.

Questions? Ask away! <3